Portledge is more than a school - We are a Community

At Portledge, we aspire to an unparalleled family-like sense of warmth and welcoming. Our acceptance of one another offers an extraordinary sense of inclusivity and acceptance to children at a time in their life when they need it most.

The beauty of Portledge is that when you arrive here, you can be yourself because who you are “supposed” to be doesn’t exist. What does exist are powerful connections based upon a value of genuine kindness built upon trust and mutual respect. While we recognize each student’s unique individuality and background, it is a shared sense of belonging that makes our community a family and our campus a home.

We uphold the Portledge Pillars: Respect, Honor, Kindness, and Purpose.

Faculty and staff members are committed to providing the individualized education that each student needs - and they are available before and after the school day to ensure that extra help and support are always available.

The alumni community is continuously active; after students graduate, we hope they will remain an integral part of Portledge life.

Our trustees provide the leadership and oversight needed to ensure that Portledge realizes its potential as one of the premier schools in the region.

We invite students and families to continue the tradition of participation and explore ways that you can become involved in our community now and in the future.